Scenic Flights

We commenced operations in April 2014, offering scenic flights over the Litchfield National Park, Batchelor Township, Peron Islands & Daly River Mouth.

Litchfield By Air Litchfield Sights

Fly the majestic Litchfield escarpment, to the East Reynolds River and floodplains. Get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular Sandy and Tolmer Falls, as you take in the sights of the ancient & unique Lost City. Be amazed by the power of Wangi Falls and the tranquility of Tjenya and Cascades falls. As the 45 Minute flight draws to a close take in the sights of the mighty Termite mounts and historic Rum Jungle Lake before you land in Batchelor.
45 minute flight – $165/pp – Minimum of 2 pax.

Litchfield Views, Daly River Mouth & Peron Islands

Fly out over the wonder of Wangi Falls to the historic Labelle Downs to the iconic Peron Islands. Fly the remote coastline to the majestic Daly River mouth and over the wild untouched floodplains. Return to Batchelor via the rugged East Reynolds River.
1.5 Hour Flight – $330/pp – Minimum of 2 pax.

Batchelor & WWII Highlights

Departing from the WWII airstrip in Batchelor, fly south towards Adelaide River township taking in views of disused WWII airstrips. Witness one of the NT’s two WWII cemeteries from the sky at the Territory’s WWII frontline. Following the Overland Telegraph line, we take in WWII airstrips of Pell & Coomalie. Returning to Batchelor Township we pass the Rum Jungle mine – the birthplace of Australia’s modern uranium mining industry.
20 min flight – $99/pp – Minimum of 2 pax.